5 thoughts on “Getting rid o' the blues….”

  1. Sing hymns lustily. Play them, if you can, on a piano. Listen to great music. Spend a lot of time with Luther hymns and Gerhardt hymns.

  2. Sometimes the acting happy does help make you feel better. But sometimes the faking it just makes you feel worse.

    I don’t know what “PVR” is. It said something about squeezing your thumb and forefinger to “pause your mental PVR” and I am clueless.

    Passionflower and lemon balm can reduce stress soon and temporarily, but St Johns-wort must be used longer (at least two weeks) before it can help with mood.

    But mostly, I agree with Paul.

  3. Listening to and singing hymns are amazingly therapeutic. You can praise God and soothe your soul at the same time. 🙂

  4. neqbxizlSmile. Not necessarily at anyone in a fakey way. Go where you can sit or lay down and relax alone…..and smile for a few minutes.

    I’ve read that there’s something about the act of smiling, the interplay of facial muscles, that banishes a low mood. And I’ve found that it is true! Not for a severe depression, of course, but for a garden-variety blue mood.

    My favorite suggestion would be…..get outdoors, take a walk in the sunshine, yes, stare at the blue sky…..and smile!

  5. Well, I should be a very happy person today, because I am cooking broccoli, ginger, onions, have a thunderstorm outside, and put the full spectrum lamp on!

    I might just throw in Caddyshack, and top off the day with silliness.

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