3 thoughts on “Walther's Depression”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Do you think that districts should provide pastors for pastors? I mean provide ordained ministers that have the sole function of the Gospel, as opposed to DP’s,VP’s and Circuit Counselors who are the function of the law?

  2. I’ve been on CRM for almost 3 years. Unfortunately, the circuit counselor at the time and the district president at the time were not supportive of me taking a leace of absence to get treatment for depression. At this time I have undergone counseling and am also on medication. Unfortunately, I have not received a call to full time ministry (LCMS). Needless to say it is frustrating to hear from the district president and the circuit counselor that “It’s God’s timing.” I wonder if there will ever be an opportunity for me to return to the ministry.

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