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We are back in print and available NOW

I Trust When Dark My Road: A Lutheran View of Depression first went into print last June. All of the copies from the first printing were taken before it even entered the building at LCMS World Relief and Human Care. The book has touched many lives with the Gospel, and I believe has served as a great opportunity for pastoral care to many people.

So after a six month hiatus, we are back in print! Thanks be to God.

The book is free, just as it was before. They are, however, charging a small amount for shipping. I’m very glad to hear this, as it will allow them to keep their costs lower and to make more of them available in the long run.

So what can you do to help spread the word about this free resource? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tell people either by email or in person. You can send them to my web site and I will have the easy link setup in a prominent place.
  • Write a review of the book on your blog, web site, or even in your church newsletter.
  • Review it or at least rate it on one of the several online review places. Here are a few of them: Goodreads, LibraryThing, Google Books, or anyplace is that you may review it.
  • Ask your church secretary to put a notice in your church bulletin about the availability of the book. Here’s a sample bulletin insert:

    Are you trapped in the fog of depression? Do you know someone you love who suffers from depression or anxiety? I Trust When Dark My Road: A Lutheran View of Depression is now available at no charge from LCMS World Relief and Human Care. Call (888) 843-5267 to order your free copy, or go to the web site darkmyroad.org for more information.

  • Show this to your pastor, and encourage him to order up to five free copies for pastoral care and use at the congregation.

Thanks for all your help and support, friends! God is merciful, and He continues to bring healing and hope to His hurting children.

Pastor Todd Peperkorn
I Trust When Dark My Road: A Lutheran View of Depression