Hello, Old Friend

How I have missed you so. It has been so boring around here, without your chill wind that leaves me cold and empty. What would I do without your amazing way to turn everything good into evil? What would life be like without second guessing every decision, and turning everything I say and do against me.?

Do you remember that time when you almost had me convinced that you were all there is? Depression, you are really sneaky that way. It’s almost as if you want to be my god. I’m afraid that position has already been filled, but you’re welcome to root around for a while and see what dirt you can dig up. You are good at that, I’ll grant you.

I also really appreciate how you take all of those people closest to me and twist everything around. You have a real skill at making me question everything I hold to be true. That is just awesome.

So, welcome back. Please don’t take this wrong if I say I hope you don’t stay long.


PS you know I’m being sarcastic, right? I want you to go away, now.

4 thoughts on “Hello, Old Friend”

  1. I’m sorry.

    Do you think Satan’s trying to spite you for all the wonderful things you heard last week? “Let’s just UNDO all that”? (Not that that would make it any easier to bear.)

    1. I think you have nailed it, Susan. But some things are only overcome by prayer and fasting. I think Jesus may have said that.

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