Checking out NAMI, MHM and how they view faith

I recently had an episcopal priest recommend NAMI and Mental Health Ministries to me, and specifically to look into the following document they have available:

Mental Illness and Families of Faith: How Congregations Can Respond
Resource/Study Guide for Clergy and Communities of Faith

I haven’t read it list, but I’m putting it in my reading list for soon.  Is anyone familiar with this organization?  How would their goals line up with faithful Lutheranism?


2 thoughts on “Checking out NAMI, MHM and how they view faith”

  1. I have been to a NAMI meeting. It was at a Methodist church. At the end of a meeting, they said the Lord's Prayer (good, right?) while holding hands (umm, good? not good?) Anyway, I haven't been back.

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