After Easter

We are now in the afterglow of the resurrection of our Lord. It is a good place to be.

For many pastors, Lent represents a trial of time, emotions, energy and just plain work. It is the six weeks which are both wonderful and incredibly taxing. Not to mention taxes coming right after Easter this year! So In the midst of all of this hoopla, I always find myself reveling in and enjoying the joy and festiveness of the season, but also breathing a little easier that the toughest six weeks of the year are behind me.

Of course, we put so many expectations on ourselves during this season. Easter sermons are the toughest to write and preach for me. A part of it is that I feel like I have to put on an unnaturally over-happy face on in order to get it “right”. This year I tried to embrace the challenge of Easter a little better, preaching the text (Mark 16:1-8) without using unnatural preaching styles for me. I think it worked pretty well.

So what do you do after Eastertide, oh pastors and people? Is it a time of relaxation, a time to return to “normal”, or something else?


2 thoughts on “After Easter”

  1. Something else. For me, THIS is the New Year. I have been centered with Holy Week, then renewed with Easter thoughts. Living here in Nebraska, Eastertime is springtime too. So, I'm thankful to have the earth to work, clearing away the old foliage from last yr, making way for the new growth…tender but strong shoots as they push their way heavenward. I see all the potential in these plants, what their beauty will be. With my recovery and personal reformation, ti's what I hope for myself. It's what I know in my mind what God wants for me. I pray for the strength to focus my energies on what God wants for me, and to keep a positive and gentle spirit while I journey.

  2. I would rather skip Easter Sunday (and Christmas Eve), because of the expectation of "showing your joy."

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