On Rats and the Holy Ministry


Here’s something a little off the beaten path for you:

Reciprocal Affiliation Among Adolescent Rats During a Mild Group Stressor Predicts Mammary Tumors and Lifespan

I’ll allow the more medically inclined in our midst to verify this for me, but as I read this, what it is saying is that when leaders have a support group, they tend to live longer. But if the leaders are isolated, that has a negative impact on their health/lifespan, even if they continue to play their leadership role.

Now what does this have to do with the Holy Ministry? Let me count the ways:

1. Don’t get bent out of shape over the “leader” language. Just run with me on this.

2. Leaders may be effective in their role to some detriment to their own health and well being.

3. A leader is ineffective if they are dead, on disability, incapacitated due to stress or other external factors.

4. Pastors serve as care givers but rarely are care-receivers. This is the pastoral corollary to “doctors make the worst patients.”

5. We pastors would do well to tend to our own house (including the temple which is our body/soul/mind) if we wish to be of service to the household of faith.

6. Sometimes being a pastor feels like being a rat…no that’s not right!

Thanks to Rebellious Pastor’s Wife for pointing this article out to me!


The Ongoing Journey with Depression (book idea from Kleinig)

So what should the next book be about?

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the last session in the DOXOLOGY training seminar this past weekend. The main speaker was Dr. John Kleinig from Australia, an incredible scholar and pastor whose insight into human nature and Christ’s ministry to us sinner is, well, just amazing.

We had dinner with him one night. He gets depression, understands it as well as anyone I know I’d say. The one thing that he suggested to me was to write a book about what it is like living with depression on a day to day basis. How does one recognize the signs? How does it impact your prayer life, your ministry to others, etc?

I’m letting the idea percolate right now, but I would like some insight from you. What would be the most helpful to you and why?


Peperkorn on WGTD 91.1 in Kenosha

10DA9D46-4150-4216-AB39-9438457962A4.jpgMr. Greg Berg has a wonderful talk show program in Kenosha called The Morning Show. It’s a great program that I enjoy listening to quite often.

This coming Wednesday, Sept. 16, I will be his guest on the program. We’re going to be talking about the book, I Trust When Dark My Road, how this impacts pastors and laity, and what family and friends can do to help. I think it will be lots of fun.

If you live in the area, please make a point of trying to tune in to 91.1 at 8:10 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 16. They also have it available in both low and high bandwidth online live. CLICK HERE and look in the top right corner.

They have archives and will have it available online after the fact, and I will also post a link to it then.

Let me know if you heard it!