Soliciting Help for Self-Publishing “I Trust When Dark My Road”

Greetings, friends!

It has now been almost eight years since my book, I Trust When Dark My Road: A Lutheran View of Depression, was published by the now-defunct LCMS World Relief and Human Care. It went through two printings, and continues to be downloaded as a PDF on a daily basis. I also continue to receive requests for it on a regular basis.

If there is anything like it in Lutheranism that can be recommended to others, I have yet to find it.

Since my attempts at getting it reprinted through traditional means (CPH, NPH, etc.) has not borne fruit, I would like to make it available either through a small publisher or through a self-publishing venture like

I’m not trying to make money on this. I would simply like to make it happen, but I do not have the time or resources to shepherd this project through at this time.

If you have any wisdom on how this might be done, and would like to be of service to the Church in making this happen, please contact me either through the “contact me” page on this web site, through FaceBook or through Twitter.

Thanks for your help, and I pray that we can work together for the good of the Church and all those who suffer from this dreadful disease.

In Christ,

Todd Peperkorn, Author

I Trust When Dark My Road: A Lutheran View of Depression

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  1. Todd, I quote your book in a project I am working on with Westbow Press. They’re the self-publishing arm of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, and one advantage is that those traditional publishers often pick up books that do well through Westbow. You might check them out.

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