How many books would you use?

I am currently working with my publisher to determine a quantity. If you were able to get copies of my book FOR FREE, for use in your congregation, district, circuit, etc, how many would you want?

No commitment. This is just an informal poll.


8 thoughts on “How many books would you use?”

  1. I would be very interested in having access to 125 books (before August) and another 125 books before the end of the year for use in DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel.

    Then, I would love to have about another 50 to use in my clinic, Christian Counseling Services.

    Free is such a good price. Thanks very, very much!

    Total: 200-ish would be amazingly good.

  2. Probably about 15 for a current men's Bible Study. Men seem to have a harder time accepting that a depressed person shuld be able to just "suck it up" I picture a smaller group study so that areas can be discussed. If you have too many in a class at the same time, quesitons and comments cannot be addressed as well.

  3. I would use it for circle Bible study so I would use at least ten. I feel it is very important as I am on medication for depression and have been for 17 years.

  4. I would say it would be good for a Bible study, but then you'd also want them to keep it and have more if needed, so I would say about a hundred copies or so! 🙂

  5. Probably about 25 : for distributing to hurting friends, Care Group members (of our own Care Group), Pastors, Care Group leaders, physicians/nurses I know, neighbors.
    Hve Hope

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