Depression in the workforce

The Washington Post recently reported on a new government study on depression in the workplace.

This article is worth reading, and the report is worth considering. I also find it noteworthy that it is “Personal Care and Service” that is the highest percentage, with “Community and social services” being third.

They obviously don’t have a category for pastors, nor am I aware of any major studies on this topic per se. However, the book Pastors in Transition: Why Clergy Leave Local Church Ministry is a useful study, but it doesn’t really address the question.

When will our church bodies wake up to the fact that clinical depression is real, debilitating, and getting worse every year for pastors? Everyone else seems to know this!


The Eye Exam

It always amazes me what can set me off or make me a nervous crazy wreck. For the most part I’ve been doing well, busy with projects and continuing to ruminate on the book. But today I had a weird experience. I had an eye exam (hence I am four feet away from the monitor). This is really a pretty benign experience, but it left me a complete basket case. I was nervous, figity, fearful, and felt that the world was closing in on me. How is it that such a simple thing as an eye exam can set this off?

Last week I had a similar experience with a hospital call. It was routine as far as hospital calls go. The Sacrament, some hymns, the Gospel of healing to a hurting so. It’s all good. But it left me spent far more than I would expect from one hospital call. I was highly agitated afterwards, and it drove me bonkers.

Why is it that such simple things can be so very hard and take so long to recover from?